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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Petition signatures verified

The Iredell County Board of Elections has verified 110 signatures so far on a petition to add a write-in candidate to November's ballot.

That means it's official: A write-in option will be printed on the ballot.

Mooresville Tribune wrote an article with a lot of valuable information about how to vote for a write-in candidate and make sure your vote is counted, if that's an option you plan to choose:

Iredell GOP scrambles for write-in option; Sara Haire Tice tabbed

All six of Mooresville's commissioners, and the mayor, have now signed the petition.

Haire Tice will be at the Iredell County Board of Elections at 11 a.m. today.

A lot of news happened yesterday. For a recap of articles posted since yesterday, here's a quick list of links:


Anonymous said...

No way to write in Tice's name. The Howards would love this. They would continue to get everything that they want.

Any body but her.

Scott Bryan said...

Good job on this stuff, Jaime.

...a good week, I suppose, for the news business.

Anonymous said...

Our party's got us by the balls and they know it. They take our vote for granted. they know we're not going to vote Democrat no matter what. So they're shoving corruption down our throats and if that doesn't work then they're trying to shove recycled politicians like Tice down our throats. Is this the best they can do for us?

Anonymous said...

Sara Tice did more good for this county an south Iredell than you num-wits an losers could ever know. Me an my family will be voteing for her.

Britt Walden said...

4years 8months 14days ago I was falsely arrested by deputies under Sheriff Phil Redmond put behind bars,on the morning of 12-25-07 I was told by Det. Andy Poteate that my house was on fire my girlfriend dead,held in a room in shock until that night,let out,not one person,in fire sheriff dept.ECOMM SBI CO. Commissioners has discussed the unspeakable act carried out on Robin White. this is how I know Mrs Tice.I was told to go to CO. COMM. M Norman ask for meeting w/them I did.Norman did nothing so I called Tice got answer mach.ask for meeting 2 times.Got no response ph rings its Capt. D Campbell Sheriff dept.Mr Walden calling Co. Comm.to much can file harassment charge Never heard from Tice, Ms Tice is part of THE NETWORK just like Johnson Right Ms Griffith.

Anonymous said...

"Petition Signatures Verified"

The nickname for Lyndon Johnson, as reported on a PBS bio., is 'Landslide Lyndon'.

On his first run for office, he won by 100 votes. It was determined later that 100 votes were questionable.