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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tice: Goal of candidacy is to 'maintain integrity' of county

Sara Tice retired from politics four years ago after a long stint as Iredell county commissioner and chairperson of the board.

But even though she stepped away from politics, politics never left her: "That old political blood is still there," Tice said today, standing in the lobby of a familiar place, the Iredell County Elections Office.

She was there this morning as election officials verified the signatures of 272 county residents on a petition to add a write-in candidate to November's ballot. Only 100 signatures were necessary.

Tice hopes to be the name people write-in on the ballot, and she has the strong backing of the county's GOP.

The petition - created just yesterday evening - had to be submitted with 100 verified signatures to the elections office today for a write-in choice to be added to the ballot. All those signatures - including all six Mooresville commissioners, the mayor and the county's register of deeds - were obtained in less than 24 hours.

Tice said the majority of the Iredell County Board of Commissioners is also "100 percent" behind her: "And that makes me feel good."

The one commissioner who likely isn't behind Tice's bid for county commission is Renee Griffith, the Republican candidate some people are hoping will be squeezed out of the election by adding Tice's well-known name to the list of Republican choices.

Three seats are up for grabs on the county's board of commissioners this fall. Those seats are being sought by Republicans Ken Robertson, Renee Griffith and David Boone - and now Tice as a write-in - and two Democrats, Karen Keaton and V. September McCrady.

The past 24 hours have no doubt felt like a whirlwind of sorts for Tice. She said she agreed to run at the urging of the county's Republican leadership after news became public this week that Griffith, also a Republican, had forged a county-inspection document for Cornerstone Christian Academy, where she is principal, before she submitted it to the state. Griffith also blamed her own actions on a "former employee" of the school, accusing that person - whether fictional or real - of pocketing the inspection fee and never lining up the inspection.

Tice said today: "The goal of my candidacy is to maintain the integrity of the Board of Commissioners and the reputation of the county's employees.

"I have been humbled and am grateful for the trust the leadership and good citizens of Iredell County have placed in me.

"It would be my honor and privilege to represent them again."

With only three months left in the campaign, Tice knows time is not necessarily on her side, and a write-in campaign, she acknowledged, "is difficult."

However, she said, "I have a lot of promises and a lot of great people have stepped in to help. I have been overwhelmed with the support and the phone calls I've received.

"After 18 years as a public servant, (once you step down), you miss it," Tice said. "I look forward to November's election."


Anonymous said...

From the frying pan of corruption back into the fire, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Sara Tice! Wasn't she the one who endorsed Langtree at the Lake before the Traffic analysis and Environmental impact statements were completed?

Could it be that she is just a bit too close to the Howards? And developers?....Nah! No way!

She has seen her day..we need a new look in Iredell; not a re-tread.

Scott Bryan said...

Now that there is clearance for a write-in candidate, it does not necessarily mean one has to vote for Tice does it?

Larry Green said...

Maintain the integrity ... That's a fairly low bar when you consider the sheriff, Tice's role in the water sewage treatment facility, and her relationship with the Langtree boys. I bet she can maintain that level of integrity.

Anonymous said...

Look at Ms. Tice's Facebook page!...


It is interesting to see Langtree Real Estate Group as one of her favorites. (Along with quite a few other developers!

She has had a history of being in tight with the developers...

"Tice has said she won't run for re-election and is backing Brad Howard, developer of Langtree at the Lake."

"Sarah Hare Tice, the Chairman of the Iedell County Board of Commissioners said, "This( Howard's Langtree at the Lake project) is a perfect example of planned growth" On the Langtree at the Lake website. And this was BEFORE the Town had approved the Development, putting pressure on the Town to approve the plans.

I don't question her ability but I do question her judgement when it comes to Iredell's welfare; her judgement has been and will remain clouded by her close relationship to developers.

Seen it Before said...

Yep. What Larry Green said.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for Tice. Anybody but her. I beleive that her son works for the Howards. What a great group to lead Iredell County. Vote for Tice and you will get what you deserve more trouble and more money for the Howards.

Anonymous said...

At least Sara has experience ripping off the taxpayers for the benefit of her cronies. She must be getting low on cash.


Anonymous said...

Think there is a reason she got the
ringing endorsement of the Mooresville commissioners and ex
mayor Thuneberg? Here comes the
train and developer lobby.

Anonymous said...

What ever you do please don not vote for Sarah Tice Howard who will be the pawn of her development group. They worked like everything trying to get their boy Carney elected and we cut them off at the pass. Now they are trying again to get their flunky in. She does not want anything but her group in power.

Anonymous said...

Who are the Howards? I moved here after the Tice era on the commission. It strikes me as something that doesn't pass the sniff test old Kenny bringing in a mover and shaker from a corrupt project. Somebody please educate me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is no integrity in this county. Clearly this woman is delirious.

Anonymous said...

This word **HAS** to get out! Tell anyone and everybody about her!

I don't care who endorses her. She is simply a developer's pawn!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, we're still going to be stuck with Renee because she waited to resign after it was too late to remove her name from the ballot. The blind sheep who vote straight ticket will put her in and she's counting on that. She's counting on that. Disgusting.

Scott Bryan said...

...not quite true.

Jim McNally/R&L quoting Becky Galliher:

Galliher said that by law, Griffith has until 30 days before the election to make a decision about pulling her name off that ballot. The actual deadline to do so is when Galliher approves proofs of the ballots to be used in the general election.

There ya go.

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me whats wrong with the Howards?

Anonymous said...

I am just not going to vote for any party's nomination I am going to write in:

Chris Carney
Sara Haire Tice
Rick Howard

that way it will be a total sell out of my vote

Anonymous said...

If you think the commissioners care whether Sara is a crony or corrupt, you are mistaken. She and Johnson are practically in love with each other, and the rest are afraid of both of them.

Same goes for Allen, Abernathy, Thunberg, the Howards, and the rest of the Mooresville Mafia. Goodbye Renee, hello Sara!!!