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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Redmond a no-show at mediation for sexual-harassment suit; case now moves to court

It appears the sexual-harassment civil case against Iredell County Sheriff's Deputy Ben Jenkins is headed to court, after mediation yesterday proved unsuccessful.

In fact, apparently Sheriff Phil Redmond - who is named in the suit - didn't show up.

Two women - Suzanne Wick and Lisa Mangiardi - say that Jenkins sexually harassed them after they turned to the sheriff's office for help when they found themselves victims of domestic abuse.

They are suing Redmond for failure to investigate Jenkins, who is still employed by the sheriff's office.

A trial could begin as early as January 2014, said Joshua VanKampen, attorney for Wick and Mangiardi.

For more, read this from WSOC-TV.

Meanwhile, an online petition has been created in an effort to garner enough support to move Iredell County's board of commissioners to investigate the Domestic Violence Unit of Iredell County's Sheriff's Department. So far, the petition has more than 4,000 signatures, though it is unclear how many of those are specifically from Iredell County residents.

A Facebook group - "Stop Sexual Abuse of Domestic Violence Victims" - has also been formed.


Sue Spath said...

Why wait until January of 2014? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Redmond a no show? He has been a no show as a Sheriff. Why would anyone expect anything different? Mr Vankampen, you should have had the mediation at the Burger Barn, he may have showed up for it there.

North Iredell resident said...

Here we have a law enforcement official - Phil Redmond - refusing to show up for court madated mediation?? What is wrong with this picture? Clearly a breakdown of the Sheriff's office in general. Good hard working honest officers are having their reputations sullied by all this debacle. Put Phil Redmond out! Time for the Iredell commissioners to take action and contact the state attorney general.

Anonymous said...

The thing that is really amazing is some people still think he is a decent man.

Britt Walden said...

Britt Waldens house was set afire in the early morning hours of Dec 25,07 and Robin White was literally "Cook Alive". Robin had made "false" allegations against me involving (Domestic Violence)3 paramedics A-1,A-4, and F-102 did not see anything that Robin reported, they helped sheriffs deputies falsely arrest Britt Walden. While Britt Walden WAS IN JAIL, Robin White alone, a "Threaten Suicide" call was made to the Georgia Crisis Center in Atlanta GA. by someone here in Ire. Co. claiming to be on the phone with Robin. Sent to Britt Waldens home by Dispatcher MP were 404-Scott Hilton,352 Zane lambert, 353 Van Johnson. Hilton according to the CAD-Incident report was there only 8 minutes, Lambert 41 mins.,Johnson-33 mins.the call is made at 6:55 pm 12-24-07 these 3, along with David Martin Director of Ire. Co emergency Communications and PHIL REDMOND have gone UNQUESTIONED. Steve Johnson, Renee Griffith, Entire BOC, incl.Joel Mashburn, Ron Smith, Tracy Jackson, have known about this and have DONE NOTHING.SBI out of Hickory,incl.David Call supervisor: Retired, have FAILED to Question Redmond,David Martin or Any Damn Body involved, incl. Maj. Darren Campbell, Det. Andy Poteet, Allen Church Troutman Fire Chief,Fire Marshals Tom Moore,Ron Thompson,Lloyd Ramsey:UNQUESTIONED.The R&L is a MAJOR PLAYER in the Cover-up.Jim Mcnally Intentionally kept Damaging info from the CITIZENS of IREDELL CO. The CAD INCIDENT REPORT from E-COMM has been Altered,Deleted, which is ILLEGAL.Call Johnson,Teapot Griffith,Smith,Jackson, let me Britt Walden know what they say.Call OUR Elected DA Sarah Kirkman, she refuses to talk to Britt Walden also. Roy Cooper:DOJ refused Britt Walden and Chis Carney a meeting. Greg Mcleod and Frank Brown SBI refused Britt Walden also.The Co. Commissioners are w/holding Photos,written reports and notes about the fire from Britt Walden: Homeowner,property owner. The fire was an ACCIDENT according to Maj. Darren Campbell. Robin White LOST HER DAMN LIFE FOR NOTHING!! TORE BRITT WALDENS LIFE APART!!! If anybody would like to HEAR/SEE the Evidence of this Massive Cover-up including Ms. Gatton call 704-450-0049. A PETITION to REMOVE Phil Redmond,Campbell,Poteet,Steve Johnson,Renee Griffith, Entire Damn Board along w/Smith and Jackson needs to be Started.

Britt Walden said...

The Co. Commissioners since 07 have helped Cover-up the Burning of Britt Waldens Home and the Murder of Robin White along with the Record and Standback, Jim Mcnally.R&L is in there backpocket.If the BOC contacts Roy Cooper he will have to investigate them also. Roy Cooper denied along with Greg Mcleod SBI Britt Walden and Chris Carney a meeting, call Chris Carney and ask. Google: Cover UP and read what it says. It is exactly what has taken place involving Robins murder. Why not a Petition to Remove Phil Redmond? It is Deputies under Redmond who are involved in Robins Murder. They are the last to see Robin alive at 7:49pm 12-24-07. Scott Hilton,Zane Lambert, Van Johnson have gone UNQUESTIONED, along with David Martin IRE. CO Emergency Communications and Dispatchers TH,MP. My arrest was due to Robin making FALSE DOMESTIC CALL. The House was set-afire we Think about 5:OOam or so 12-25-07. Google: If A Body Is Found,Read All, Britt Walden has been DENIED the Investigation Report.

Britt Walden said...

Between 12-24-07 and 12-25-07, 13 Iredell Co. Deputies are in My HOME,or ON Britt Waldens Property, 3 on a Fabricated Suicide threat until 7;49pm on 12-24-07, while Britt Walden was in Jail. The house we believe was set-afire around 5:00am 12-25-07. Google: COVER-UP and what you will read is Exactly what has taken place involving Redmond,David Martin E-COMM, and the Entire BOC. Google:ARSON/If A BODY IS FOUND, I have not seen ANY EVIDENCE of ANY INVESTIGATION.B O Commissioners w/holding Evidence,Det. Andy Poteet W/holding Investigation. Call Renee"TEAPOT" GRIFFITH and ask her, call Johnson.The COUNTY WE CALL HOME IS "CORRUPT" PERIOD.

Britt Walden said...

If YOU or ANYBODY else thinks that Johnson and GANG are going to call Cooper and HIS Gang to Investigate Redmond and His GANG,Britt Walden will tell YOU to Start Thinking Different.
The FBI needs to come in here and Investigate everybody involved concerning the Burning of My HOME to "Exterminate" Robin White. Do any of YOU incl. Ms Gatton know what a Cover-Up really means, what it involves, Google: Cover-Up!
Here is what we are dealing with in Iredell County and in Our Country. We are dealing with TWO PARTIES, Democrat and Republican these two parties have RUN OUR COUNTRY into THE GROUND.
Britt Walden was born in 1956 in a country called the United States. He was born in the state of North Carolina,in a County called Iredell.
Now in 2013 Britt Walden lives along with you in the Un-United States,In the State of Shock, in a County called "CORRUPT" SO DO ALL OF YOU.

Anonymous said...

7:38, there are really some brain dead stupid people out there. I will lay you dollars to donuts, (law enforcement pun intended) that Redmond doesn't show for the court date. He is an arrogant SOB who thinks that he holds the universal love and respect of the county and the sad thing is that a lot of people will back him.

I watched the stories during the holidays about what a drug-running hot bed the intersection of 77 and 40 is. Amazingly, the people interviewed were well-coifed, made up, and dressed. My first thought was it was a propaganda fluff piece for that jerk. First off, this isn't the only place in the country where interstates meet up and this dirt bag can't even find a dead guy laying in a truck at exit 42 for 3 months. He's a real Sherlock, he is.

10:35, you raise another valid issue. Moral in ICSO has to be at an all time low. The commissioners are a bunch of paper tigers. They won't do a damn thing. They're too busy having "let's love our guns day" because there aren't any more pressing matters in the county. As for the AG, now that McCrory is in office, he's turned out to be a big disappointment. He's given his staff big old raises and a big screw you to the rest of us. There's a lot of that going around. People keep drinking that Kool-Aid.

Phil Redmond has nothing but contempt for the county and the people who pay his big fat six-figure salary. He's wiping his ass with the summons to these mediations. He'll wipe his ass with the paperwork for the court date too.

Or else he's just a big damn coward. You be the judge. In the end, I bet he cries like a little girl who has her dolly taken away.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure his non-appearanc was directed by his attorney.

Anonymous said...

Where is "Go Redmond" now? I am sure Redmond is going. I have heard he has popped his head up at political events but nowhere else. Why is it that we are paying this dirty old man in excess of 100 large per year to sit in his store and chew tobacco and pass around rumors of one kind or another. I heard he had Alzheimers then nothing came of that. He'll do anything but his job and facing the music.

In the meantime, women are still being beaten, accosted, molested, and raped, and this does nothing to encourage them to come forward. Redmond needs to go and so does Jenkins. Why is it that these dirtbags are put on one form of leave or another elsewhere? I know of a lot of women who look over their shoulder whenever they are on the road or they do not go out alone because of Jenkins. It's a sad state of affairs when women can't feel safe from law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

For those of you, which is 99.9%,who haven't seen and listened to the evidence that brett walden has concerning the fire that was set under his kitchen table, that took the life of robin White, will be shocked at the number of citizens who are involved.He has a document called a cad incident report, deputies under redmond have to know something about robins death, they are sent back and forth to his house, 3 times the same officers,342,404, taking another phone, an operator TH acts like they don't know where she is.they are in his house on the weirdest suicide call i have ever heard, she is killed later on.Where is her jewelry, cell ph. who pulled down the motion detector,who took the panals out from under his house,who took the eye bolt out,robin, I don't think so. There are what looks like 40 people on this fire, doing what, on christmas day, walking around.what are 11 deputies doing, nobody looks under the house, why did the R&L leave all of this out of the paper.Why have all of the county commissioners avoided Brett.There needs to be a full scale, across the board, investigation done here and needs to start at The Sheriffs dept. and anybody involved questioned, nobody exempt robin like brett says was cooked alive, it is unbeleveable what happened to Brett and Robin.

Anonymous said...

I actually took time out of my day to contact the attorney general and got nowhere. It seems he is an officer of the state and so is Phil. The circular argument ran on for ten minutes. This guy is, I believe, a Democrat, so I figured he'd be thrilled to give a Republican a ride on out of office. I'm not sure who I talked to but the guy was a decent sort and sympathetic. He wasn't even from down here, I gathered so not a good old boy. Sounds to me like Phil is here until he dies.

Britt Walden said...