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Friday, March 22, 2013

A few more details ...

For more details on this week's suspension of Chris Royal, Iredell County's animal-services manager, read the Statesville Record & Landmark's article here.


Anonymous said...

Doctoring records, gee, I'm shocked. And old Steve Johnson says it's an embarassment to the county. I'd suggest we change the name of this county to Embarassment County. This is not an embarassment, Steve. It's abuse. It's embezzlement. It's theft. It's ripping the hearts out of people who love their pets. Embarassment? This woman has lined her pockets and the pockets of her boyfriend with the tears of people who love their animals. Shame on you. I know for a fact that dozens upon dozens, maybe hundreds, have gone to the county about her and been rebuffed. They've gone about her overly aggressive officers and nothing has been done. The citizen was always in the wrong and Chris Royal could do no wrong. She was immaculate.

The Facebook comment below is also disgusting, implying that if she had a raise, all this would have been prevented. No, this was about greed and power. Chris Royal was a power mad bitch. Period. I've been trying to add up the money she may have pocketed and I'm guessing it's hundreds of thousands.

There are probably thousands of dead animals in the landfill, most of them, somebody's loved pet.

Excuse me. I have to go take a shower.

One more thing, if the commissioners let this one go, if they ignore this crime, and it is a crime, they all need to go. Are you listening, Ken Robertson? This woman DID NOT STAY IN HER LANE!!!

Anonymous said...

Utt-O, sounds like Mrs Royal may be heading to the jail for people instead of the jail for puppies.

Anonymous said...

This woman was supposed to enforce the law. She is just as bad, if not worse, than that woman this summer with the 200 cats because she knew better. She has abused humans and animals. Steve Johnson thinks this is unfortunate. Let him face every single person she has violated and let him tell them that this is unfortunate. I'll bet they tell him where to shove his unfortunate.

There is a special place in hell for people like Chris Royal and for the people who chose to ignore the complaints and there were many, who enabled her. I was told by someone who knew her well and how she operated, that she surrounded herself with carefully selected lieutenants. She must have really pissed somebody off. I'll wager this is not the last of the letters. Everybody is going to be falling all over themselves to save their butts.

It's time they make this a no-kill shelter. Charlottesville, VA has one. It even gives away the feral cats as barn cats. It has a store, much like a Goodwill, that helps to support it.

Isn't it a shame that it takes a criminal to make us aware of what we need to do to make it better.

By the way, I've already heard from friends who are race fans. They are no longer going to set foot in this county because they travel with their dogs. They feel that they are not safe here. They are passing the word. Good job, Royal. Let the economic fallout begin.

Anonymous said...

Well, boys and girls, the bloggers, Face Bookers, and assorted other folks have this going like wildfire. I just googled, Chris Royal, Iredell County and got plenty of hits. Rescuers and Animal Rights groups are sharing this left and right. You thought Redmond rained down hell on this county, boy, it has even started yet. Tracy Jackson better come to work with his big boy pants on because their is nothing so tough as a bunch of pissed off rescue women. I'd advise asbestos shorts. In fact, if I were him, I'd be packing a bag, he ain't going home anytime soon.

This better get fixed and get fixed fast because even the Barbi Twins have posted this on their FB page. That's right. It's caught the attention of former Playboy bunnies turned animal rights activists and hoo-boy, the tar and feathers are being readied along with the torches and pitch forks. Because when a couple of women with followers because of their bodies and their causes whip up the masses, you are in deep doo-doo.

Word up to Tracy Jackson, you'd best keep those needles and blue juice put away for the time being. And forget about the gas chamber, unless you're stuffing crooks in it. We're watching you and we're watching her people.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that more letters are coming. Some may be anonymous, some may not. People are coming out of the woodwork and a FB page demanding that she be removed has been set up.

Removed hell, let her be charged, and sent to prison.

Tracy Jackson supposedly spent all day Friday dealing with his email box and I'm sure there is more coming.

Furthermore, according to this FB page, county attorney William Pope is her lawyer. If that is true, then this is one hell of a conflict of interest. It is also just one more nail in the coffin of this county.

If Pope is defending her and acting as attorney for the county, then there is absolutely no redemption for the sewer that this county has become. He is supposed to be the attorney for the citizens of this county, not the corrupt employees. Let her hire her own attorney. God knows, she has made enough money off of defenseless animals to afford one.

Better yet, make her get a public defender and freeze her assets. She is a greedy pig. Oh, wait. That's an insult to pigs.

Anonymous said...

He he he he he, I'm sorry I know this is not a laughing matter, but I can't help but chuckle. This poor excuse for a human being "Chris Royal" is FINALLY getting the attention I wish some one had paid years ago when it was brought to the attention of her higher ups. If they hadn't been scared of her then, or "What ever" services she may/may not have offered, accepted... maybe ALL of this could of been nipped in the butt then. SO Bring it everyone, If the county officails want to look the other way, because someone with a big butt and a smile needs them too....They deserve all that comes thier way. Forged and changed documents. Taking animals from folks in the county she didnt like. Not bothering those that where friends and family. And stealing and selling what she thought she could profit off of... GUILTY ! ! !

Anonymous said...

She's been "suspended" for 12 days. There is no urgency in this county! What's the hold up. Is she guilty or Not?

Anonymous said...

It was officially announced that Chris Royal was terminated at the county leaders meeting today. What next? Will there be criminal charges?

Anonymous said...

Folks I know everyone is pissed with this incident, but why? Iredell County is a cess pool of elected and non elected liars, thieves and pay me to keep my mouth shut people. Look at the Sheriff's office and has been going on. Not one arrest or outside agency coming in to clean out that cess pool of sex offenders. The issues with Chris Royal have been around for a LONG time but it goes up even further. Tracy Jackson the Deputy County Manager and Ron Smith have know about these issues and chose not to deal with them. That is why there are audits and accountability with monies taken in and funds expended. You can bet that Ron and Tracy are covering their tracks right now. This WHOLE county is crooked and using taxpayer money to line their pockets and keep crooks in nice homes and driving county owned vehicles with county paid gas in them and %$##^&@ the citizens without even a kiss.

Anonymous said...

March 28, you are a bit premature. It appears that the commissioners are going into a closed session tonight, 4/2 at their meeting. I know for a fact that a number of people have personally confronted Tracy Jackson by phone and some may have attempted to confront him in person, although I'm betting they didn't have much luck given the empty building WSOC found when they tried to get a comment on Redmond several weeks ago. I understood that Tracy Jackson had an open door policy, although that may have been a rumor.

One has to ask if this falls under the crime of embezzlement. If she seized livestock and sold them and pocketed the money, I would say it certainly sounds that way. Fees and fines and such are supposed to help run the shelter. This sort of thing took money from the shelter, ergo, embezzlement. This is a serious crime. Embezzlement by a public employee/officer is a serious felony and given that, it should NOT be tried in this county. The last time something like this happened, a couple of clowns who ripped off expensive radios from the ambulance service got fired and got $250 fines each, and got to keep their certification. If they are good boys for 3 years they get to go back to work as EMT workers. I took this right from the R & L. Mr. Red Arrow had no problem with this, as quoted in the article. This is a class H felony, with fines and jail time. Wonder what Joe Six Pack would have gotten?

Enough is enough. She seized livestock and sold them for her own enrichment. That is somebody's livelihood. There is a bigger picture here. She clearly had a lifestyle she could not maintain on her salary. Horses and rodeo bulls and a couple of farms cost money.

I'd suggest firing her is not enough. Bring in the IRS, bring in a grand jury. And finally, let's bring in citizen oversight and bring in someone who is qualified to do the job. Clearly someone who was a glorified upkeep person wasn't.

Anonymous said...

So here it is Thursday and a decision was going to be made about Royal early in the week. The agenda for the commission was that they had a closed meeting last thing Tuesday night. So no word as of today. What's the problem? Either she's canned or she isn't.

The commissioners are a bunch of cowards. They're worried about the next election and their pay. They are covering their butts. All they do is sit on those butts and pontificate. Maybe they are coming up with another love your gun day instead of dealing with real problems.

You know, Robertson, Griffith, Johnson, the whole bunch of you, we are sick of the same old crap you put out. Come the next election, maybe we will put some new faces in there. Maybe even some Democrats. Time for regime change. Someone who will do something about the crap in this county.