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Friday, April 5, 2013

Royal resigns

Chris Royal has resigned, effective immediately, from her post as Iredell County's animal services manager, according to a press release issued by County Manager Ron Smith this morning.

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Exit 0 said...

Why resign if they have "no evidence?"

Anonymous said...

One of the commenters on the article linked to states that owners were terrorized and harassed. This was SOP with Royal and her boys. I'm glad to see someone else saying it.

If charges are not forthcoming, then the county government, including the commissioners, have lost all credibility. So she was allowed to resign? What does that mean? She can resign in lieu of being fired? That does not mitigate criminal acts. She was the person who was supposed to be enforcing animal law. If she, in fact, broke it and other laws, she is an even bigger offender.

The message here is clear. You, the taxpayer offend, and you will be held to the letter of the law. One of us in the county government gets caught offending, oops, not so much. We're above the law. It's a slippery slope, isn't it folks?

And heaven help those who point it out. Let's ask who has been spoken to about her and helped cover up the cat litter thus far. Ron Smith, Tracy Jackson, and even Bill Pope. These "gentlemen" need to explain their roles in this. Chris Royal's boys need to be examined for their behavior. I'd be turning that agency inside out and they wouldn't be able to sneeze without getting their britches checked.

It's time, folks. It's your money.

Anonymous said...

If there has been no wrong doing, why resign?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comments below the article, I know of a number of people who were indeed threatened and harassed and if they did not voluntarily surrender their animals, they would be arrested. Her officers were very good at doing this and sometimes she did it herself. I saw it personally. It was blatant, bald-faced extortion. They'd come in, go out to the truck and call her. Then they'd come back in and say, you have too many dogs or cats or this one is too old or that one looks sick. If you don't give us those, we'll take 'em all. Then they'd take them and put them right to sleep. I know because a rescue went right up after some of the animals one person was forced to turn in. She had her a real reign of terror going. I agree, a grand jury should be convened as someone said in another place on this blog. If this is the mentality she put in place, it's not leaving with her. Look at the news report on TV a month or so ago about a so-called dangerous dog. That was all her doing and that was not a lone case. This woman clearly hated animals. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.

Anonymous said...

There are educational requirements. I personally saw the posting under which she was hired. It stated, quite clearly that two years of veterinary science or equivalent was required, an associate degree, and failing that, a similar degree in business administration. If she was hired without those things, then the county failed the taxpayers and the animals. Facility services to animal control is a stretch and on the job training in such a vital job is not exactly something that can be defended by the county.

As for resigning because of controversy, really? If this was the sole reason, why not put her somewhere else? What isn't Ron Smith telling us?

Saying that there is going to be a "once over" in the shelter is not going to cut it. She brought in a culture of doing things her way if the above post is any indication (2:30) and clearly there are people there who operated under her tutelage. I don't know if everyone there should remain or not.

Working with vets and rescues is a positive step and should have been done all along. Local shelters in other areas that work hand in hand with rescues have substantially lower euthanization rates and there is much more public education about spaying and neutering. The Newmans have a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Mooresville. There are, and always have been, available options here for the shelter to reach out to and work with. These would certainly save the county money in the overall scheme of things.

Ron Smith shares some of the blame in this. He had been brought multiple complaints against her and chose to side with her over and over. We are the taxpayers and we are the customers. The customer is never wrong. It's time Mr. Smith learn that. He always adopted the attitude that angry people made up things about his people. Look where it's gotten this county.

I hope he knows that we are keeping an eye on him as well. It will be a long time before this is forgiven. It's going to take some time for this county to heal. Resigning isn't enough. We want a full and thorough investigation and a once over isn't going to cut it. Pets are family and she has hurt our families.

And yes, Mr. Smith, there are state laws that regulate shelters. You would be well served to look into this.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. Smith's comment in the article about educational requirement's, here is the original posting from when Ms. Royal was hired.


DUTIES: Performs managerial, supervisory and specialized work in directing and supervising the activities of the animal services program for Iredell County. Work involves supervising office support and kennel employees as well as employees involved in capturing, confining, and humanely euthanizing stray, diseased, and dangerous/nuisance animals; supervising the maintenance of all records and reports related to animal services programs and activities; overseeing the low-cost spay/neuter program; and enforcing animal ordinances. The Animal Services Manager also develops and implements departmental policies and procedures; recommends the departmental budget and ensures funds are spent within approved line items; directs departmental purchases and related accounting procedures; and resolves citizen complaints, working with boards to settle grievances. This position requires initiative and independent judgment in all phases of work as well as tact and courtesy in frequent contact with animal owners and the general public. Reports to the Assistant County Manager.

MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Associates degree in business administration, veterinary science, or related field and 2 years experience, including 1 year in an administrative/supervisory role; or graduation from high school and 4 years related experience including 2 years in an administrative/supervisory role; or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid North Carolina driver’s license; euthanasia and chemical immobilization certification and completion of a Cruelty Investigators course within one year of employment; and knowledge of the use and care of firearms, tranquilizer guns, and other related equipment.

SALARY RANGE: $37,110.00 – $57,557.83 Grade 70



Submit an Iredell County Application to Iredell County Human Resources, P O Box 788, Statesville, NC 28687-0788. Applications can be obtained from Human Resources by calling 704-878-3000 or downloaded from the web at www.co.iredell.nc.us.

Iredell County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.
Posted: 01/26/07

Furthermore, there are state laws regulating shelters. It would behoove Mr. Smith to become familiar with these as well. Give the shelter a "once over" isn't going to cut it but working with vets and rescues is a step in the right direction.

The community needs to heal. This is going to take some time. I'd suggest the community be brought in and their concerns listened to. Rescues are a great asset and educate the public. Mooresville has a low cost spay and neuter clinic. The need to euthanize goes down as the community is invested in the shelter and keeping the population down. This can be turned around and become an asset to the county.

Anonymous said...

I love how she says that no evidence was found that she didn't do any unauthorized euthanizations. How is it she was privy to the investigation and its findings? Was she walking around behind those doing the investigating? Lookee here, Chrissie, you got caught. There is plenty of evidence out there that you embezzled, that you probably can be accused of grand theft or larceny. Let's just hope you get some criminal charges to go along with your resignation. You are not a popular person right now and you never were. You never will be. If I were you, I'd move far, far away after I got out of prison. If there is any justice, you'll be convicted of animal cruelty and not be allowed to have animals again. Ever. Goodbye horsies. Goodbye bronco bulls. Too bad, so sad. Karma, she's a bee-otch, ain't she?

Anonymous said...

There are three dogs on Clay Street "crying" and barking day and night? This has gone on for several months. I have called the police, but was told that unless the cops, themselves, hear the dogs it is considered an unfounded complaint. At first the barking and crying were just annoying, but now I am concerned for the dogs. There are three of them tied up in the yard, but I cannot tell if they have adequate water, shelter, etc. I don't know who to call or what to do. Can you help? (Don't use my name, please.) I left the people a nice note about a month ago, but it hasn't done much good.